Average Rating: 9.243
Total Number of Votes: 202

Why I deserve your rating: Because you'd probably talk me into voting for you...p.s, henry is actually a real person, not just someone in my head..

HEIGHT:  <5' (<152 cm)
AGE:  15 years old
LOCATION:   Hereford, United Kingdom

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Jun 25, 2006
xxMutantFingersXxx writes:


Apr 18, 2006
Shaunbirley writes:

***10*** good work ;) lucky genes....check me out if u wana ;)

Apr 3, 2006
SNOOK writes:

Wow you could win the Priemiership of my heart! (10)

Mar 10, 2006
alex123 writes:

in a few years ur gonna b sooo hot

Mar 7, 2006
slotski writes:

gorgeous! 10 from me :)

Feb 14, 2006
Punkboy182 writes:

You just keep looking beter and better =? 10 from me

Feb 12, 2006
SNOOK writes:

you've got the most beaming gourgous eyes (10) xxx

Jan 1, 2006
Kuruption21 writes:

So damn sexy!

Dec 30, 2005
chazDuPrey writes:

Hey BabySis liking the profile and the pic, drummer gals rock. Happy new year r'kid

Dec 4, 2005
Punkboy182 writes:

come visit The netherlands sometimes =) i'll show you everything here.. greets and a big 10 from me

Oct 14, 2005
MadeFromScratch writes:

Hey hey, you're pretty hot! 10 for you, sexy.

Oct 14, 2005
muddyboytoodirty writes:

your 4-9 jesus!your short *10*

Oct 13, 2005
Punkboy182 writes:

wow girl You are a piece of heaven. a 10 from the Netherlands

Oct 12, 2005
MrGenital writes:

henry is your dealer

Sep 21, 2005
Live2Love writes:

Beauty that isn't there my ass!!! Now I'm definishly gona write a SONg about your b...e...a...utifulness!!!

Sep 18, 2005
Live2Love writes:

yeah, well I gave you a 10 aswell!!! What you think of that HUH?! ^^! And thank you for the sweet comment. And since you made a sweet comment abou tme, I'm gonna have to write a peom about you're amazing beauty.

Aug 9, 2005
OsloBoy14 writes:

10 for you too ;) Wish I could give you more

Jul 26, 2005
bmx69dave writes:

yes, another for you aswell

Jul 20, 2005
godsmacked writes:

You keep getting sexier and more beautiful every time I see you.

Jul 18, 2005
bmx69dave writes:

thanks...fuck, your realy hot too *10*

Jul 17, 2005
mrwalkingtrophy writes:

dam mami u are very sexy. here is a 10

Jul 7, 2005
godsmacked writes:

That's cool. You're totally hot! Billie Joe cause I like the lyrics he writes,...I write lyrics and he's an inspiration to me......may I ask why Tommy Lee?

Jun 25, 2005
tom2153 writes:

u seem cool playin drums n all nice lukin 2 tlk l8er x

May 4, 2005
godsmacked writes:

Damn I'd love to be inside of u!

Jan 24, 2005
Benelli writes:

Awesome pic. Still beautiful!

Jan 11, 2005
godsmacked writes:

It's too bad you are me when you turn 18!

Dec 7, 2004
DudesRule82 writes:

Hey babe wats going on my beautiful cok is waiting for you!!!!

Nov 6, 2004
DudesRule82 writes:

hey wat happened ur never on line anymore

Oct 3, 2004
Benelli writes:

Holy crap! Your new picture is beautiful!

Aug 20, 2004
StockyJC writes:

well ur a bit young 4 me but irate u on wot i rekon u'll b when ur 16

Aug 1, 2004
DudesRule82 writes:

Sexy y arent u talkin to me on aim?????????

Jul 6, 2004
DudesRule82 writes:

I guess your scared of me, y dont if u have aim im me hun ;)

Jul 3, 2004
DudesRule82 writes:

Dam girl i just cant handle myself, plz give me a call so i can hear ur sexi voice, 4107152249, ;)

Jul 3, 2004
DudesRule82 writes:

ow and if u do want to talk to me ( im me at DudesRule82 ) ;)

Jul 3, 2004
DudesRule82 writes:

if u dont stop talkin bad about urself i might just have to fuck u ;)

Jun 30, 2004
DudesRule82 writes:

who wouldnt love me i am sexi and adarable but i could never beat ur sexiness ;)

Jun 24, 2004
Benelli writes:

Lookin good, beautiful! 10!

Jun 22, 2004
DudesRule82 writes:

wow definatly not my babby sis id fuck u, ops did i say that, ow wait i did mean that ;)

May 16, 2004
godsmacked writes:

I want to have dirty dirty sex with you.......hahaha

May 12, 2004
godsmacked writes:

You make me wanna do dirty things to you......I want your body! hahaha!

May 5, 2004
godsmacked writes:

I'd like to lick you between your legs for awhile

Apr 21, 2004
livingmachine writes:

oh my, i'd like a taste of you, luscious plum

Apr 20, 2004
MoNeYTaLkS456 writes:

ur pretty hot for a young girl!!! u get a 10 from me!

Apr 20, 2004
Tallguyonline writes:

Too bad you are the Baby sis... you are very cute!! Too young for me but still HOT! Hit me back 10 for you!

Mar 24, 2004
godsmacked writes:

You look exactly like my friend Leslie....She is awesome........If I was younger I'd bury my face in your crotch.....hahaha

Mar 22, 2004
godsmacked writes:

you are pretty hot for a little girl haha hit me back

Mar 8, 2004
SuperHappyFun writes:

I luv Holes, the book is so great, so much better than the movie. your a very good looking girl:-)

Feb 29, 2004
Benelli writes:

I love your new pics! 10

Feb 10, 2004
Benelli writes:

Hey! Me again. Just wanted to say hello, and remind you again that you are truly beautiful. Have an excellent day! Oh yeah... another 10! Write back! -Ben

Jan 21, 2004
Benelli writes:

That was the nicest thing anyones ever said. Thanks! Heres another 10. : ) I still love you!

Jan 12, 2004
dynamite writes:

very cute

Jan 3, 2004
Benelli writes:

Youre sexy as hell. 10.

Dec 30, 2003
Duo writes:

Definately a 10 for ya! Yer a cute one, for sure.


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