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Total Number of Votes: 200

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HEIGHT:  5'11" (180 cm)
AGE:  19 years old
LOCATION:   Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.

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Sep 8, 2003
LuckyLinzee18 writes:

Ok, so your a lil fucked up in the head, but who gives a shit when your rapeable hott! ::bites your nipples:: **10** come check out me too sexxy*

Aug 9, 2003
xX_Wasted_Breath_Xx writes:

howz my sexi baby killin partner? ; ) *lix*

Aug 8, 2003
HugsOnDrugs writes:

Hooottt ;x

Jul 11, 2003
FuksUpHurter writes:

you like evil dead, I like evil dead!! it fits , it tens for you hun

Jul 10, 2003
Kimberly03 writes:

~10~ for ya

Jul 9, 2003
Britt4You writes:

Wow ! You're Hott!! *10* xoxo

Jul 8, 2003
Pharmaecopia writes:

*lix n stuff*

Jun 18, 2003
Italian_Babe writes:

Beautiful body, beautiful face. *Grrr*

Jun 12, 2003
00Smiley00 writes:

sexy! 10 for you *moaaaaaahhh* ;) hit me back!

May 28, 2003
sex_n_candy_69 writes:

ur hot.... -10- from me

May 26, 2003
Pharmaecopia writes:

ive seen your penis he he he

May 9, 2003
-A-Pimpette writes:

oOo are damn sexy!

May 8, 2003
BornTwizted writes:

you'd look sexy with forest green hair, any guiy looks sexyw ith forest green hair, heh. -drools-.....-wipes drool on your shirt-...your welcome.

May 6, 2003
_KraZiEcHicK_ writes:

SEXY!! definately a 10 xx0x0x0x0x0x0xxxxxxxxx

May 1, 2003
Skankster writes:

interesting. me + you should get vocal together. :)

Apr 30, 2003
Pharmaecopia writes:

new pic....*very* nice

Apr 12, 2003
xX_Wasted_Breath_Xx writes:

*tosses baby* LET'S PLAY CATCH!!!!! weeehoooo

Apr 7, 2003
PunKxNxPiE writes:

Hey baby...

Apr 7, 2003
EtniesGurl19 writes:

mmmmmm..*droolz* hun u are soooo sexeee ... ~10~ for u babe .. u rock my socks !! look me up soemtime okie ...

Apr 7, 2003
RawxBeauty writes:

Ohhh WOW, you're gorgeoussss ;D

Mar 28, 2003
HeyKThnx writes:

nice pics, 10 :-)

Mar 28, 2003
AcidStars writes:

rock on with yur hot self :) *10*

Mar 10, 2003
HottieBiscotti writes:

mmm....very tasty....*drools* oops sorry! ;) 10 for you!

Mar 9, 2003
xX_Wasted_Breath_Xx writes:

i'm just gonna be over here..... on ur leg..... *hump* *hump* *hump*........ dead babies are funny. i should give you a boquet of them. =D

Feb 19, 2003
Claudia writes:

Hey hows it going.. you are pretty cute

Feb 14, 2003
Italian_Babe writes:

fuck your beautiful

Feb 13, 2003
antilife666 writes:

oohhhh HOTTNESS =-) *pets*

Feb 3, 2003
Pharmaecopia writes:

Can i watch yew eat a baby? your sekssi...mmmmm

Jan 30, 2003
zoeyluvspunk writes:

had to give you a 10 you have awsome taste in movies and i liked your profile :) smiles zoey =]

Jan 29, 2003
ThePowerOfChrist writes:

Their music is of groove-metal homosexuality the likes I have never seen. It'd be like if you combined SOAD with Dead Kennedy's...and made them both really fucking suck. The vocals particularly annoy least the clean singing. I have work now.

Jan 29, 2003
blinddeathsquad writes:

There is a Devil....m/

Jan 25, 2003
ThePowerOfChrist writes:

I was about to post an angry comment about your personality....until I noticed your efforts to save SURGE. I was in a cult related to SURGE a few years ago. It was holy water.

Jan 24, 2003
VampyreJuggalette writes:

damn yer hott

Jan 24, 2003
ExoticAznPunk writes:

yummers. totally sexi! *10*

Jan 24, 2003
Pharmaecopia writes:

*moans* damn boi... you r fuckin fiiineee

Jan 22, 2003
KottonMouthKween420 writes:

You can't even begin to imagine the things I'm thinking about doing to you *evil look* hehe you get my 10 sexy!

Jan 20, 2003
starlet198 writes:

Damn you are hott......*10*

Jan 19, 2003
Lyss writes:

Dude you are so hot!! I give you a 10!

Jan 19, 2003
SecretlyEvil writes:

Sweet!!! 10!!


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