Average Rating: 8.755
Total Number of Votes: 261

Why I deserve your rating: I've won you over.

HEIGHT:  6'1" (185 cm)
AGE:  24 years old
LOCATION:   Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Mar 31, 2005
sexysophie writes:

geez your hot! i love your eyes especially they are so deep and sexual! 10 for you hun! xxsophiexx

Jul 27, 2003
deathpunker writes:

Nice Panda..you are cute as well ;)

Jul 25, 2003
SaleenMustang writes:

10 for the panda. And 10 for London. If you see any neons zipping around that say 'NeonCanda' those are some london people I know... 519 for lyfe ;)

Jul 14, 2003
AngelGidget writes:

A 10 for the poor panda!

Jul 2, 2003
Sw33tY_gUrL writes:

luv'd ur picture... as well as ur panda...cutie ;) hehe... to the both of you... here's a *10* =)

Jun 19, 2003
surf_monkee writes:

aaaaahaha your hilarious, and i'd f*ck ya

Jun 13, 2003
TannedGal writes:

nice....panda. n u too. ^_^V *10*!

Jun 12, 2003
neeceyI writes:

DAMN your sexy! big 10 for you!

Jun 11, 2003
BanaQuE writes:

I like the new picture, it's very keen.

Jun 11, 2003
xxbratkatxx writes:

daily ~*10* time :)

Jun 10, 2003
Britt4You writes:

You're A Hottie!! *10*

Jun 10, 2003
linds182 writes:

you're a cutie, hit me back hun :) 10

Jun 9, 2003
BanaQuE writes:

Watch out! That Panda looks rabid, and I think it's about to bite you! Oh, Panda bites are nasty. I have the scars to prove it too.

Jun 9, 2003
Skankster writes:

too much panda! but what the hell, i'll rate both your faces, with equals 20

Jun 8, 2003
Jungle^Spank writes:

grrr you should be allowed to be so damn cute!!! *10*

Jun 8, 2003
Crystal_Candy writes:

*10* for you and your adorable little panda!

Jun 8, 2003
SweetJazmyne writes:

Can I kiss you?

Jun 6, 2003
Jardo writes:

An illumination often makes other grapes redeem their fascination in lingual bunches. And get eaten.

Jun 5, 2003
SuGarAnGeLMeG writes:

Wow! You're so sexy! ~*10*~ =)

Jun 2, 2003
sabzZz writes:

THAT crazy huh? I'll be crazy that weekend so its all good :) You should to camping with him too. Come on, jump on the bandwagon.

May 27, 2003
whippedcreambikini69 writes:

you are GORGEOUS!!! u definately have my vote!! clix *10* ;)

May 27, 2003
sabzZz writes:

mmm yum....aaaaand from london

May 27, 2003
Nightshade07 writes:

You have sucha awesome smile!! I had to give you a *10* Stay cute hunny! *mwah*

May 26, 2003
HeavenHills writes:

Total Cuttie! You deserve lots of *10's*

May 24, 2003
glasstears writes:

You're a cutie. ^_^

May 24, 2003
phoxyfire22 writes:

wow. gorgeous. and an awesome profile. 10 :)

May 23, 2003
BanaQuE writes:

Actually I did rip it off. If you go to the web site and look in the Dave Matthews at home in London ON section, you can find this picture. You have to look hard for it though, it's hidden.

May 22, 2003
CrAzYnSeXy writes:

yummy yum... 10 mweh.. i want ur body!~!

May 17, 2003
BanaQuE writes:

Wow! Your awsome! Where do you play around the city?


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