Average Rating: 8.758
Total Number of Votes: 285

Why I deserve your rating: my psychic power has forced you to

HEIGHT:  5'10" (178 cm)
AGE:  19 years old
LOCATION:   Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

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May 18, 2004
CaptinCosmo writes:

spelling your name with stormtroopers is brilliant

May 17, 2004
goodmusicgoodlife25 writes:

dude...yer hott!! mail me!!!

May 14, 2004
diedfordemocracy writes:

rape me

Mar 7, 2004
GirlSlapsBoy writes:

Damn psychic powers......... >.<

Mar 3, 2004
ThatGirlThere writes:

I like you.

Jan 31, 2004
fizziecarrie writes:

Let's get it on.

Dec 8, 2003
Candi7378 writes:

Your a cutie...too bad your so young! 10*

Dec 5, 2003
lilshortmonkey writes:

are u actually lactose intolerant or u just saying it cuz its sounds kinda cool lol well i actaully am and i alos think ur pretty hot:)

Dec 5, 2003
freklez writes:

your very good looking 10 for you

Nov 19, 2003
fizziecarrie writes:

OMG. joo R teh HAWT! tenz fer u, bebe!!

Oct 25, 2003
ilovemest writes:

badaba! very nice, lovely pictures

Oct 4, 2003
murphie writes:

*10* because of your lurvly facial expression *pinches* blesk <3

Sep 4, 2003
fizziecarrie writes:

i rate your face.

Aug 8, 2003
deadkennedy writes:

im not wearing any pants either. whats the point of pants anyways?...Everyone hates pants these days. But yes ill shut up and give you your well deserved 10..

Jul 15, 2003
Dana05 writes:

Love the Hair Neemer

Jun 25, 2003
somethingXcorporate writes:

i wasnt here when you got your new pictures. they are very nice. so here is a nice ten to go with them.

Jun 16, 2003
eb_2006 writes:

ah you are so sexy........i want to kiss you. =)

Jun 15, 2003
bmarley241 writes:

haha, not wearing any pants?! that's unheard of...i love you, can i have you?

Jun 11, 2003
Britt4You writes:

You're A Hottie!! *10*

Jun 11, 2003
kissthesky writes:

hey 9.9999 for u !

Jun 7, 2003
CrazyMae24 writes:


Jun 4, 2003
fizziecarrie writes:

I wonder if there's a limit to how many comments one person can send you... hmm...

Jun 3, 2003
xXxglassjawxXx writes:

oh my... you are soooo hawt ! 10s for you

May 26, 2003
fizziecarrie writes:

Thank you for being you.

May 26, 2003
SuGarAnGeLMeG writes:

Hmm you're hot...*10* =D

May 18, 2003
fizziecarrie writes:

hey lookie here. what a hunk! grargh.

May 18, 2003
lutonboi writes:

I luv that name!! did u cum up wiv it urself??? im givin u a TEN for it

May 5, 2003
Britt4You writes:

You're Such A Cutie !!! *10*

May 1, 2003
Sexie_Jessie writes:

hehe your so sexy... 10 for you!!

Apr 30, 2003
RissyKissy writes:

does that mean i cant feed you milk? :( hot boyyyy

Apr 22, 2003
m0rEtHaNjUsTbOoBs writes:

*melts* so hott

Apr 20, 2003
happylilsoul writes:

You are such a cutie...10 for you!

Apr 15, 2003
gettinantsy writes:

You're a cutie!

Apr 14, 2003
m0rEtHaNjUsTbOoBs writes:

hooooootttttt =)

Apr 9, 2003
Nuit_Nue writes:

Way cute! 10 for the good looks :)

Apr 8, 2003
Rachie69 writes:

your cute

Apr 7, 2003
xXRoCkNRoLLcHiCkXx writes:

u r sucha hottie...i couldnt give you any less than a 10~!

Apr 7, 2003
SpankMeHard writes:

You're a sexy beast.

Mar 22, 2003
somethingXcorporate writes:

*10* too cute... :)

Mar 17, 2003
EtniesGurl19 writes:

mmmmmm....... *winkz* hey kutie ~10~ for u ..... look me up sometime babe ;0)

Mar 11, 2003
blushinbeauty writes:

You might as well forget about makin' it to Heaven, darlin', 'cause it's a sin to look that good

Mar 11, 2003
starlet198 writes:

You're a hottie! *10*

Mar 9, 2003
sinnboy writes:

I gave you a "10" (you sexy bitch)

Mar 8, 2003
shortiexo writes:

your cute! =) xox

Mar 8, 2003
sarahvawn writes:

good lord why do guys have to look so damn sexy in beanies makes me wanan jump their bones especially you *rawr*

Mar 7, 2003
UnIqUe_FrEaK writes:

hmm pretty cute. 10's 4 u.

Mar 6, 2003
SuGarAnGeLMeG writes:

aww you're a cutie! *10* :)


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