Average Rating: 8.766
Total Number of Votes: 299

Why I deserve your rating: i dont, but it would be nice

HEIGHT:  6'0" (183 cm)
AGE:  19 years old
LOCATION:   Escondido, California, U.S.

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Aug 20, 2003
deadkennedy writes:

your hot i want u in my pants. 10

Aug 12, 2003
Demonickitti writes:

yer hawt

Aug 11, 2003
im2hot4uhun writes:

mm damn boy~ lookin SeXsI-

Aug 10, 2003
WoundedButterfly writes:

*10* your hott and your hair is friggen awesome!

Aug 7, 2003
HugsOnDrugs writes:

Well, aren't you hot.

Jul 29, 2003
punky_purple writes:

your really hott......yep

Jul 20, 2003
frohawkguy writes:

it is your hair that rocks

Jul 15, 2003
ohme writes:

hey ur hot!!

Jul 15, 2003
PinheadGunpowder writes:

Yummmmmm ~10~

Jul 10, 2003
minorthreat writes:

If you ever see me, you can come right up and say something, if I can do sexualy suggestive things with your mohawk. PLEEAASEE?

Jul 9, 2003
Rar writes:

Lookie lookie at my hottie ryan awww hes so hot :)

Jul 9, 2003
sexybizatch writes:

I love your hair and your movies. Too bad you're just a young'un!

Jul 7, 2003
cemetery-kitten writes:

sexyness <3 *10*

Jul 3, 2003
hurtxmexpretty writes:

you seem rad as hell and i fucking <3 your hair soo much *10* xoxo britney

Jul 2, 2003
*!PunkJess!* writes:

rawR!!! 10 for you!! muah!!! _Jess_

Jul 2, 2003
xCHAOSx writes:

.// you call yourself punk yet you say you are christian? yeah that sounds to me like a fucking oxy-moron you dumbshit. Shove your dick up your ass you fuck shit. that is all//.

Jun 16, 2003
BornTwizted writes:


May 19, 2003
jackoffjillluver writes:

omg your hott!!!

May 18, 2003
Rar writes:

what a dork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Mar 16, 2003
xchokingvictimx writes:

i like the hawk! on the island we will need more than a year supply of booze.. we need as much booze as possible

Mar 4, 2003
punkrockergirl writes:

lets have sex all day baby!

Mar 2, 2003
punkrockergirl writes:

ur cute!

Feb 17, 2003
starlet198 writes:

You are still looking so damn hott... here's another *10*

Feb 7, 2003
MesTupGCgrrL writes:

You're way cute.

Feb 2, 2003


Jan 29, 2003
Mc-KiTTiE-cHiK writes:

i like yew, u seem rad. lets be friends =)

Jan 27, 2003
starlet198 writes:

Hell yeah, We should definetly hang out sometime.

Jan 26, 2003
starlet198 writes:

You are soooo hott... Thanks for the comment :) *10*

Jan 26, 2003
xGRUMPYbear180x writes:

aww thanx 4 the comment. . . *clix 10* ur a very sexy boi ;o)

Jan 25, 2003
eb_2006 writes:

you are really sexy!! 10s from me... =)

Jan 21, 2003
ExoticAznPunk writes:

whee!! guitars rock! lookin sexi!

Jan 18, 2003
sweetlikcandee writes:

dizNAM! *bite* 0=) and YES i will get you to sMiLe! remember.... even if i have to run around nakid =/

Jan 15, 2003
xxxUN-PuNkxxx writes:

no no my dear ... you are sexy ... I am ugly.

Jan 11, 2003
xxxUN-PuNkxxx writes:

... i must be dreaming ... you are the sexifulest thing i have ever seen =O *10*

Jul 3, 2002
XxPiXiEStYxX writes:

hey!..i didnt see you i warped tour..i looked..HONESTLY lol..it was awweessoommee..did u have fun?

Jun 26, 2002
punky_purple writes:

you are hott!!!!!!!

Jun 8, 2002
Mc-KiTTiE-cHiK writes:

mMmM sexcii

Jun 8, 2002
sexystaindfan writes:

Very hot & sexy! u gets a 10! ~*Hugz & Kisses!*~

Jun 5, 2002
SUNSHINEinAbag writes:

holy shiznet your hot, *10* mwah!

Jun 4, 2002
diva_bambina writes:

hey hottie, u r sooo cute and i couldn't resist! 10 4 u~jenn~check me out

May 21, 2002
Pr3tTy_1n_PuNk writes:

damn ur a hottie

May 20, 2002
NarniaWinter writes:

Wow... I'm speechless

May 20, 2002
PunkishRagDoll writes:

Gave you a ten, btw.

May 20, 2002
PunkishRagDoll writes:

... ... ... Holy SHIT you're crazy cute! EGKHEG. I'd do naughty things to you in illegal places.

May 20, 2002
XxPiXiEStYxX writes:

yea that would be hard...i guess maybe we could think of a meeting place or something

May 19, 2002
XxPiXiEStYxX writes:

Well, I've already made plans to go with some friends..but maybe we could meet up while we're there?

May 18, 2002
XxPiXiEStYxX writes:

ahh how cool is that?..im going to warped tour...are gunna go?

May 15, 2002
BLONDEIQ962 writes:


May 15, 2002
XxPiXiEStYxX writes:

ack..weirdness....i live in escondido too..it sucks...your hot

May 15, 2002
spidergherl writes:

muah namez natalie...howd i get pretty.....im not!but thanx..lol.I have self-asteem im juss not self-ubsessive ;)!

May 13, 2002
punker_gal writes:

still cute !!!! 10 from moi! and still love ur eyes dammit~ lol ... :)

May 8, 2002
ANTIFLAG_issex writes:

surely. lets talk. i have aim!-andthensomestuff. woop woop!

May 4, 2002
xmysticalqtx24 writes:

damnn i want you baby..u look like u have realli cool eyes..blu eyes rulee!! hehe.,.*10* check me out sometime ..mayb we can chat..message me bak hun..xoxo

Apr 11, 2002
punker_gal writes:

ur pretty cute! =D love ur eyes !

Mar 23, 2002
GothikLolliPop writes:

aw pretty eyes

Mar 20, 2002
dreamy_nfg writes:

thanks for the sweet comment :) you are incredibly hott..gorgeous eyes..and you seem like an awesome dude..stay that way ;o)

Mar 20, 2002
b_o_a_r_d_e_r_x writes:

hey ur pretty hot.. don chek meeh out cuz like ... i havent updated muah photo.. but email me sumtime (skayte_chikk07@hotmail.com)

Mar 17, 2002
*~*YourOneAndOnly*~* writes:

Ooh, sexy. The skateboarding part helps too ; )

Mar 10, 2002
Pr3tTy_1n_PuNk writes:

Damn Sexy.... Mmmmmmm *10*]

Mar 9, 2002
cKygirlie writes:

hottie :) who skateboards..even better!

Mar 4, 2002
pink_glitter_kittie writes:


Mar 1, 2002
sexystaindfan writes:

You are cute! my kinda guy to ;) u got my 10

Feb 25, 2002
glamorous_freak writes:

hey there sexy!~

Feb 25, 2002
ShelleyBelley writes:

Hey Dude! You are hot, and you seem like a really sweet guy, message me back!

Feb 22, 2002
hurleygirly83 writes:

hey- im from san diego too, youre HOTT


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