Average Rating: 9.033
Total Number of Votes: 151

Why I deserve your rating: uhm? because why not :p its what the sites for!

HEIGHT:  5'5" (165 cm)
AGE:  18 years old
LOCATION:   Midland, Ontario, Canada

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Dec 25, 2007
kem1cal writes:

i want to watch empire records and spell marc with a "k"

Nov 18, 2007
Ryuujin writes:

I love you muirn beatha dan.

Aug 30, 2007
Ryuujin writes:

just tell me when and where... or come to New York :o)

May 28, 2007
Ryuujin writes:

Very attractive yourself...smokin hot

May 21, 2007
GreenEyez26 writes:

Beautiful is a definate understament in your case!

May 21, 2007
superturk writes:

aww :D fankoooooooo ur looking oveeer beautiful there :p lol i sound like every other guy thats left yo a comment :( i wanna be unique :( so ill also saay...Roses are red violets are blue aint no1 here as beautiful as you :p lolxXx

May 20, 2007
JP writes:

your face is simply beautiful would love to see more of you

May 17, 2007
Dj_Wraith writes:

very hawt :):)

May 10, 2007
silentstorm writes:

Gorgeous, easy 10, thanks for the comment. Contact me whenever you want.

May 9, 2007
szymon writes:

Thanks. :) Tell me, why such beautiful girls like you are based in USA? :( Why you can't live in my country... or better - in my town. Eh! Life is brutal!

May 8, 2007
jaydubVT writes:

ah you're hot i wish i were straight! haha

Apr 22, 2007
Kuruption21 writes:

10 for those eyes...will rate the rest later :D

Apr 22, 2007
fancy_michael writes:

Hi there... nice profile! I haven't been on here for over a year... but good to see there's still some cool people on it :o) Hit me back!

Apr 20, 2007
Superbtch writes:

Thanks for the comment, you're a very pretty girl, Gorgeous eyes!

Apr 14, 2007
benio writes:

you're absolutely beautiful. 'nuf said

Mar 7, 2007
thisnameisnowtaken writes:

No FX! haha, not enough people listen to them anymore. Well done.

Feb 27, 2007
skinskin01 writes:

i mean to have some gorgeous eyes

Feb 26, 2007
anoriginalusername writes:

A fine specimen. ;-D

Feb 26, 2007
Xailious writes:

Hey right back at ya :). How are you doing gorgeous?

Feb 13, 2007
ToyMan writes:

hey thanx. and by the way ur hott if u dont mind me sayin

Nov 28, 2006
sicsaint69 writes:

hey cutie thnxs....your pretty gorgous yourself.... 10 for you darling ^_^

Nov 27, 2006
Largoose writes:

Lovely eyes and amazing hair.

Nov 20, 2006
kem1cal writes:

thank you for being a kind human being.

Nov 2, 2006
SheezyBaby82 writes:

You are beatuiful!! the finest women i have ever seen!!

Nov 2, 2006
xxMutantFingersXxx writes:

nice eyes hunnie :)

Nov 2, 2006
MJR writes:

sweetie you're gorgeous, come hollar at me anytime

Nov 2, 2006
Bluemoocow writes:

Wow, you are a ten for sure!

Oct 31, 2006
Crimson22 writes:

I love your eyes :D

Oct 28, 2006
Kuruption21 writes:

You have the most amazing eyes ever - gorgeous! *10*

Oct 25, 2006
ace2006 writes:


Oct 25, 2006
jaiweb2000 writes:

ohh, behave lol

Oct 24, 2006
lipslikemorphine writes:

wow you have an amazing profile and gorgeous eyes i'd love to get you behind my camera

Oct 24, 2006
TrIpT_0uT writes:

God damn you are smokin!!!!

Oct 8, 2006
StandYourGround writes:

nice, I like the hair

Sep 28, 2006
SeXy_ChIcK6969 writes:

Damn! You're Sexy :P

Aug 14, 2006
ace2006 writes:

Wow you to, very very sexy indeed!! amazing eyes xxx

Aug 3, 2006
CarolinaGrits4Life writes:

Your Very hot! Thanks for the comment =]

Jul 27, 2006
Intimidator74 writes:

you are hot and sexy :)

Jul 26, 2006
cradlerockstyle writes:

You're pretty gorgeous yourself.

Jun 22, 2006
xxMutantFingersXxx writes:

very naturally sexy.. and empire rocks my socks!


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