Average Rating: 8.765
Total Number of Votes: 533

Why I deserve your rating: I'm a wonderfully charming, sweet guy who appreciates each and every vote! :-)

HEIGHT:  5'7" (170 cm)
AGE:  23 years old
LOCATION:   Somewhere In, Kentucky, U.S.

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Nov 27, 2006
beautifullybehaved writes:

hey cutie! 10 for you.

May 10, 2005
rezlab22rox writes:

You Adorable!! I'll pinch your cheeks!! ^_^ Big 10 For you!!

Mar 16, 2005
loveslastdream writes:

To my blue_meanie who I see not nearly enough these days... I miss and love you.. and oh yea... dang you're a hottie

Feb 14, 2004
Xwes13X writes:

So cute!! *10*

Oct 16, 2003
shaunforster writes:

mmmm very hot i'd so fuck you

Nov 17, 2002
SnoopyFan writes:

a kentucky boy! :) 10d ya

Oct 21, 2002
Gold writes:

great face! You got my ten!

Sep 16, 2002
martin-g writes:

heya, thanx for the vote. you got mine too;-) xxx

Aug 30, 2002
Major_Babe writes:

You sound like a truly smart one.....hard to find ....*s*

Aug 13, 2002
PsychoJigglyPuff writes:

OMG you are so incredibly cute *sigh* o)

Apr 7, 2002
loveslastdream writes:

A 10 for sure---the greatest guy you will ever meet!!

Apr 6, 2002
mIsSy_rOaChpHaT writes:

have been gettin perfect 10s all de way?im addin another 10 now,ure cute!


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