Average Rating: 9.169
Total Number of Votes: 1001

Why I deserve your rating: i think we should first define the word

HEIGHT:  5'4" (163 cm)
AGE:  19 years old
LOCATION:   Hammond, Indiana, U.S.

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Mar 24, 2006
Hannah19Manchester writes:

you are so hot

Feb 16, 2006
SNOOK writes:

cyber chick, Hell yeah! (10) xxx

Apr 25, 2004
Simpsonsguy writes:

Devastating! 10...

Mar 7, 2004
phatmikedog writes:

you're very cute in a lisa loeb kind of way...

Dec 23, 2003
Mountaineer writes:

Yours is the hottest face I've seen on here, no doubt. Your so amazing it's painful...but I will keep on rating...104U

Dec 19, 2003
Simpsonsguy writes:

I knew there was a reason for still living in Indiana! (10)

Sep 24, 2003
phearim writes:

i've seen you around before!

Sep 21, 2003
caroliina007 writes:

cute girl,10 for you =)

Sep 19, 2003
nanditastyle writes:

you're amazing , hot , and pretty ~20~ :)

Sep 19, 2003
Judas writes:

the glasses suit you very well

Sep 17, 2003
torchsinger writes:

Are you like business-goth?

Sep 13, 2003
schadab writes:

hey u look absolutley stunning babes;) lovely ~10~ for ya

Sep 8, 2003
Shadow_Caster writes:

Hey hows it goin. I would just like to tell you that I find you very attractive and I would like it if you could hit me up sometime.

Sep 2, 2003
my_hero_flea writes:

very very pretty!

Sep 1, 2003
Ahvu writes:

Women with dark hair and blue eyes are a big turn on. Brains are even better. Have a deserve it.

Sep 1, 2003
LastChild20 writes:

I just figured I'd let you know how beautiful you are. I might just have to make you a thread in the hot girls forum.

Aug 23, 2003
Simpsonsguy writes:

Another 10 for are so underrated!

Jul 29, 2003
Malkavian-The-French writes:

Wow......I love what I see !!!! Let me give you a 10 .... you deserve it !!!!! plz , hit me back

Jul 29, 2003
MzaZnKiTTie writes:

you are so mega pretty and i love your driven lifestyle

Jul 29, 2003
JazzyGed writes:

Wow! nice - intelligent - sexy! 10! ;)

Jul 29, 2003
Chillin_Dude writes:

you have a very pretty face the glasses do it for you and you have very full lips 10 for you all the way

Jul 29, 2003
AgnosticStar writes:

yummys...nuts in pants

Jul 29, 2003
Jesyka writes:

*10 for you .. youre gorgeous* :: wants to take your glasses:: lol

Jul 28, 2003
xTearsFallForeverx writes:

Hey ur cute! I like the black rimmed glasses. Very sexy. have a 10


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