Average Rating: 8.764
Total Number of Votes: 203

Why I deserve your rating: i want your tongue against mine....talk to me....aim = sociatalflaw

HEIGHT:  5'9" (175 cm)
AGE:  18 years old
LOCATION:   Norwalk, Connecticut, U.S.

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Jul 5, 2006
assface writes:


Feb 20, 2006
PinkVenus writes:


Feb 18, 2006
RevoltingCocks writes:

Humina! Humina! Humina! 10 for joo ^..^

Oct 22, 2005
melissa2312 writes:

I Love the HAT <3 Besides.. You're Very Hot TOO.. *10*

Apr 26, 2005
VivicaManson writes:

love the hat 10

Apr 1, 2005
AsylumGloom writes:

hot *10*

Mar 4, 2005
AntisocialBitch writes:

*sigh* you are wonderful

Mar 1, 2005
GothlickGoddess writes:

Good...fucking...GOD. You, me, now. And I'm keeping the top hat as a trophy ;)

Mar 1, 2005
KreepyKitty2005 writes:

I want you, I need you, I must have you... or maybe just your hat...

Feb 27, 2005
AntisocialBitch writes:

and "hawt" it will be

Feb 20, 2005
AntisocialBitch writes:

arrangements can be made... as long as you agree to help with my murderous ice pick ordeals...

Feb 19, 2005
AntisocialBitch writes:

ah, i see. then may i try top hats and sex with the master, then?

Feb 17, 2005
SuccubusDemonia writes:

You're so gorgeous, but I won't say "fuck me darling with your aphrodisiac hat".. I just want to smoke a ciggie with you ;)

Feb 15, 2005
AntisocialBitch writes:

what is so special about tuesdays?

Feb 14, 2005
Disfigured_Doll writes:

For me to proceed, would take a long while..Cause there is nothing that I would not do with you ^_^ ~*~10~*~

Feb 7, 2005
HappyHardHarry writes:

hah! what a fucking HOMO you are!

Feb 2, 2005
Disfigured_Doll writes:

Oooo...I would like to do many naughty things with you!! {licks} ~10~

Jan 31, 2005
AntisocialBitch writes:

do you wear your hat during sex? 'cause that would be hot.

Jan 2, 2005
Sfinx writes:

nice hat. whats under it?

Nov 4, 2004
boarderchica writes:

fashionable and sex!!! lets share poetry ; ) *10*

Nov 2, 2004
starlet198 writes:

nice pic.

Sep 1, 2004
CapturedByYourLove writes:

:o Hey hun its Whitney *rawrwinnierawr*...you posted on my birtyday that we needa hook up next time i was in town...Guess What i live in Olathe now...but you moved far away didnt u:( cries...hows ur cousin...hit me back boy!!! or on AIM im sekzi elmo ...

Aug 25, 2004
perfekt_defekt writes:

well, you smoke and thats all that matters

Aug 20, 2004
InSaNeMunKiE writes:

your cute :> 10 for you!

Aug 15, 2004
perfekt_defekt writes:

two accounts eh? im assuming your weedid420 is an experiment and this is your real one?

Aug 15, 2004
BlissfullyDead writes:

I'm at a loss for words...impressive. we should talk. 10

Jul 2, 2004
Ineedanambulance writes:

I need a bucket for my drool. HHHot! *10*

May 2, 2004
AntisocialBitch writes:

gorgeous as always

Mar 13, 2004

can i steal your hat? and then have a hit off your cigarette? (1o for you as well)

Feb 12, 2004
ImMandi writes:

Inbetween a Dream and A nightmare there you are

Feb 9, 2004
NightGodess writes:

If you don't mind me saying your extreamly Yummy!!!!!

Feb 5, 2004
NightGodess writes:


Feb 1, 2004
RaWrWiNnIeRaWr writes:

RaWr babeh....I mish you. My AIM fucked up so ill hafta make a new name n give it to you. If you gimmie yer address ill write you from school n when i come home again we can hang out since we neva got to. When u talk to CJ tell him i said hey babe!

Jan 17, 2004
DrStubben writes:

I must say how lovely I think you are. One of the few people on here who actually holds some sort of depth- Beautiful.

Jan 5, 2004
SoulSucker writes:

You remind me of two people...of course Marylin Manson and Malcom McDowell from Clockwork Orange.

Dec 30, 2003
AntisocialBitch writes:

almost akin to a black widow spider... why, oh why, must you live so far away?... well, i suppose that is how things usually are... *sigh*

Dec 24, 2003
AntisocialBitch writes:

my, my, my... how intriguing you are. a 10 is necessary.

Dec 19, 2003
XxBrokenFacexX writes:

The top hat is marvelous. I love it.

Dec 17, 2003
6Bloody6Kisses6 writes:

:-D yumm

Dec 2, 2003
Demonickitti writes:

wow.....your hott

Nov 13, 2003
ToolzDemonGirl writes:


Sep 12, 2003
antilife666 writes:

christ...yeah yer hot *licks*

Aug 29, 2003
xbleedingxrosex writes:

*poke* In that hat, you look like Johnny Depp. It makes me think bad thoughts... mm..

Aug 17, 2003
miagat7 writes:

i like the hat. its neat.

Jul 8, 2003
GroteskBurlesk writes:

David's a sexy mofo. *Dances*

Jul 1, 2003
GroteskBurlesk writes:


Jun 20, 2003
00Smiley00 writes:

another 10 for you hunnay;)

Jun 16, 2003
Sum-skAter666 writes:

please bite me!! i beg of you!

Jun 14, 2003
00Smiley00 writes:

You're CrAzY Sexy...definitely a 10!!! = ) hit me back = )

Jun 13, 2003
starlet198 writes:

You're sexy! -10-

Jun 12, 2003
[xthursdayx] writes:

Hi, I love you.

Jun 12, 2003
CinnamonSugar writes:

hey there cutie! gave you a 10

Jun 12, 2003
TannedGal writes:

hottie!!! 10

May 14, 2003
xbleedingxrosex writes:

Hmm... intelligent, attractive, artistic, poetic, musically talented (I'm assuming this last bit).. I think I love you. ^_~ In any case I'm giving you a ten.

May 11, 2003
cemetery-kitten writes:

you're pretty sexy, so there's a 10 for you on the way =)

May 7, 2003
antilife666 writes:

HOTTNESSS =-) *10*

May 6, 2003
candy-coated_fake writes:

I do enjoy your face. And I'm glad I have finally found a male poet on ratemyface. :)...Talk to you sometime? ;)

May 5, 2003
EyezOfAFallenAngel writes:

you're hot... and you seem like a really cool guy... I suppose that isnt the most original thing to say, but its what came to mind first. anyway... you get a *10*

May 1, 2003
PinkVenus writes:

:) 10 for you just cause your cute

Apr 15, 2003
deaths_sweet_angel writes:

Hey.. may I rape you please? We can use my bondage collar :)

Mar 31, 2003
deaths_sweet_angel writes:

well... thank you for the comment ;)

Mar 7, 2003
deaths_sweet_angel writes:

You are really cute and I like your attitude... Well what I can see of it... 10 for you cutie!

Jan 22, 2003
myonlinename writes:

you are very sexy and i love your attitude dude...rock on...10

Jan 15, 2003
Pharmaecopia writes:

yumminess =o)


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