Average Rating: 8.872
Total Number of Votes: 125

Why I deserve your rating: NO, IT'S JUST YOUR LIKE , VOTE 4 YOURSELF ;) PEACE

HEIGHT:  5'7" (170 cm)
AGE:  17 years old
LOCATION:   Santiago, Chile

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Dec 4, 2003
princess_brook writes:'re cute....I LOVE the hair.....*10* for you !!!!!!!!

Dec 3, 2003
SluTgArdeN writes:

wow looks like you & i have the same hair color goin on... hmm... interesting... you can rock the red pretty well if i say so myself..

Nov 19, 2003
Ravenlord writes:

Eres muy bonita! And that's a very cute piercing there.. A total 10 for the Chilean princess.

Nov 19, 2003
WildChild writes:

ohh... you are beautiful.. got a 10 hon(:

Nov 18, 2003
luciano333 writes:

i think you are very pretty

Nov 11, 2003
yoyoyo writes:

muchas gracias :) Eres muy mona :)

Nov 6, 2003
DieHard_Guitarist writes:

You're verrrrry pretty =)

Nov 6, 2003
ZcarMan76 writes:

Hello Green eyes, I want to go to Chilie!!!

Nov 6, 2003
MoodyBartender writes:

You do have beautiful eyes!!!

Nov 5, 2003
Scoot writes:

gawd dam girl you are sexy ;o)

Nov 4, 2003
foxyvixen writes:

love your new pic:)~10~

Oct 31, 2003
Simpsonsguy writes:

Muy bonita!

Oct 30, 2003
OrbitalX writes:

Wow, up close and personal, but I like that, if just lets you see how beautiful your eyes are, and you have pretty pink lips too, perfect then, hit me back!!!

Oct 30, 2003
nitegurlbeth writes:

you are a beautiful 10

Oct 27, 2003
fly_chick writes:

Pretty *10*

Oct 26, 2003
bbarger435 writes:

Your sexy. Hit you with a 10 :)

Oct 13, 2003
dageoffer writes:

very nice! :)

Oct 8, 2003
Joey_91 writes:

Thank you, you're very gorgeous! ~10~ *kissez*

Oct 7, 2003
GlitterGoddess_01 writes:

Tu eres muy bonita chica :)

Sep 30, 2003
sye writes:

gorgeous :) i also saw ur pics in the forum..truly amazing ^^

Sep 23, 2003
Crystal_Candy writes:

Thank you! =) You have very pretty eyes *10*

Sep 23, 2003
TriellaTHEdelux writes:

thanx for the vote u look very prtety as well! 10

Sep 22, 2003
dogfacegremlin289 writes:

you are dead sexy!!! you'd give this dog a bone any day hehehehe :P

Sep 21, 2003
NikkSta writes:

hey thanks for the comment :) left you with a 10 :P

Sep 20, 2003
GlitterGoddess_01 writes:

Welcome to RMF sweetie <3

Sep 20, 2003
sarahvawn writes:

you have really gorgeous eyes 10

Sep 20, 2003
anna1919 writes:

thank you. you have very pretty eye's

Sep 19, 2003
video_7_vamp writes:

Why thank you. = ) Your eyes are so beautifully shaped, and you seem interesting. +10 for you.

Sep 19, 2003
sye writes:

rooowr those eyes seem to be hiding sooo much ;) and i just wanna find out

Sep 19, 2003
shortiexo writes:

Thanks :) As are you xox

Sep 18, 2003
KwickSilv3r writes:

Thanks for the comment. I think you're both exotic and beautiful - very attractive!

Sep 18, 2003
Swoop writes:

wow no way your only 17 you look all sofisticated and such :o) I gave you a 10

Sep 18, 2003
Crystal_Candy writes:

you have gorgeous eyebrows and thanks for the comment :)

Sep 18, 2003
fly_chick writes:

Thanks for the comment : ) You're pretty too

Sep 18, 2003
emily2002 writes:

Awwahh. Thanks so much babe. I gave ya 10 as well. You're very pretty and don't ever let anyone in the forums intimidate ya or tell ya otherwise. Ya're entitled to post your pix in any threads as u'd like. =)

Sep 18, 2003
Nette182 writes:

Thanks for the comment. You have really pretty eyes! I love them!

Sep 13, 2003
freakface writes:

nigger lover

Sep 1, 2003
foxyvixen writes:

HELLO welcome 2 the forums,i love your eyes*pretty*10


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