Average Rating: 9.174
Total Number of Votes: 3015

Why I deserve your rating: It's too bad there are people out there that are so cowardly as to downvote without telling you why they do it. I guess it's because they are losers, and want to bring everyone down with them!

HEIGHT:  5'6" (168 cm)
AGE:  23 years old
LOCATION:   Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.

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Apr 8, 2003
SexySigma writes:

I still think you are sooooo perfectly gorgeous!!! ~10~

Apr 3, 2003
rock_chick writes:

wow very preety! :)

Mar 20, 2003
69_Carly_69 writes:

hey! thanks...nice pic! 10

Feb 25, 2003
SexySigma writes:

hey! I went to visit a friend this weekend, and when we were out I saw a girl I thought looked EXACTLY like you! I couldn't take my eyes off her and I consider myself to be straight! lol ~10~

Feb 20, 2003
SexySigma writes:

hey sweetie! thanks for your vote today! you got my ~10~

Feb 19, 2003
nespone writes:

if anyone down-voted you, its only because they're frail wastes of human flesh. you, however are perfect use of human flesh. damn, it sucks that i can only give you one 10.

Feb 6, 2003
mr_mister22 writes:

Beautiful.............definitely a 10...10....10..... i'm speechless...mmmmmmm...

Dec 12, 2002
Dial_Tone writes:

always a hottie! 10 for you hun!

Dec 2, 2002
Perfect_Lee_Asian writes:

Hey girl, long time no see...miss you! Have a great Holiday! :)

Nov 11, 2002
Cori_20 writes:

~Eat me, that's what I have for you!~

Nov 9, 2002
SexySigma writes:

by the way, you get my ~10~ !!

Nov 9, 2002
SexySigma writes:

thank you for your compliment! You are incredibly beautiful so that means a lot to me!!

Oct 26, 2002
Latch44 writes:

You would not need ten ppl when you have me!!!!!!!

Sep 25, 2002
Cori_20 writes:

Hee-hee! You know you love the attention! I even gave you a ten!

Aug 31, 2002
Perfect_Lee_Asian writes:

I've been busy lately-but I always vote ya girl! ~miss ya~ :)

Aug 14, 2002
whatsthatoverthere writes:

Very nice!

Jul 25, 2002
OfferUmyBreath writes:

I'll give ya a closer look at the tattoo. : ) I should pull my shirt down a little more, huh? LOL! ; p You get my ten sweetie, thanks for writing. Lots of luv, EVE*

Jul 16, 2002
Perfect_Lee_Asian writes:

Thank you sweetie-I miss you Cheryl-nothin' but 10's! :)

Jun 2, 2002
RastaWeedMan writes:

Hey. Your picture is very acceptable. 10 for you.

May 21, 2002
Perfect_Lee_Asian writes:

Cheryl, glad you're back though-missed you tons! *muah* ~10~ :p

May 5, 2002
Jamiroquay writes:

If tomorrow never dies, I would want to be with you tomorrow,....I have seen you, sat down and cried----- for you are the most beautiful of all....Love Jamy

Apr 6, 2002
Perfect_Lee_Asian writes:

I agree with the last answer hun! *10's as always sweetie* :)

Apr 1, 2002
master_of_kink writes:

<font color="#FF0000" SIZE="3">mmmmmmmm OoOoO nummy</font>

Mar 9, 2002
Raingod101 writes:

damn girl, i thought the only good thing comes out of wisconsin was cheese. i was very very wrong. no downvote here. gotta perfect 10 for ya.

Mar 8, 2002
PaperClip writes:

mo0o0o ^.^ 10

Mar 8, 2002
IcyPrincess writes:

your very beautiful. 10's all the way. :)

Mar 7, 2002
Vinyl_Pink writes:

omg.. simply gorgeous.. and you're even from wisconsin! *kiss*

Mar 5, 2002
Foxfire writes:

You're very pretty. I love your eyes!

Feb 23, 2002
Perfect_Lee_Asian writes:

That guy is trippin'....does he know you in real life? I didn't think so! You're beautiful girl! Luv ya! *hugz*

Feb 21, 2002
Dial_Tone writes:

you can rock my world any day ya like hun!

Feb 21, 2002
hiimtodd writes:

you look really old i gave you a 1

Feb 20, 2002
Perfect_Lee_Asian writes:

Don't get me started on downvoters! If you get to know this girl, she's such a sweet*heart*, she melts mine everyday! *luv ya girl*

Feb 20, 2002
RoguePriest writes:

No downvotes here....all 10's


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