Average Rating: 8.763
Total Number of Votes: 76

Why I deserve your rating: A sign-language monkey stole my scarf and now I'm sad!

HEIGHT:  6'2" (188 cm)
AGE:  21 years old
LOCATION:   Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Apr 14, 2005
AClockworkPink writes:

Meow Lovely! =^.^=

Aug 25, 2004
xXxCherriexXx writes:

Very nice!! Hey i live in calgary! we should hook up and chat

Jun 5, 2004
shortNsweet78 writes:

Hey cutie, will you serenade me?? *10*

Jun 4, 2004
kinini writes:

GO FLAMES GO!!! I want to lick you. And slap that nasty sign language monkey who stole ur skarf! Monkeys are evil....

Apr 20, 2004
XxBrokenFacexX writes:

Hmmm! Maybe we HAVE seen each other, but I'm not really sure... what band are you in? you are fantastic, so i gave you a 10 as well.

Apr 19, 2004
AxBabe writes:

Hey, you're pretty good lookin yourself, thanx for the comment

Apr 16, 2004
sweetLiLkitty writes:

aw your such a hottie, I'd love to be strandid on an island with U.yumm!

Mar 29, 2004
oxAlKaLiNeTrIoxo writes:

Hey you're hot n go Fight club, usual suspects, Thursday, Thrice, Finch, AFI n Rise against, you have nice taste :) 10 xoxox

Apr 27, 2003
XxBellaxX writes:

You are gorgeous, check me out 10 for u!~

Apr 21, 2003
Roxygrl316 writes:

*WOW* you definitely deserve a *10* your gorgeous! check me out sometime...

Mar 11, 2003
Beautiful-Kylie writes:

You are sooooo gorgeous..~Luv Kylie

Mar 9, 2003
PLBY_bunny writes:

Mmmm *Licks*

Mar 7, 2003
starlet198 writes:

Very Cute! *10*

Oct 7, 2002
SurfLvr1319 writes:

you are one of the most beautiful guys i've ever seen. hit me back- SOON. ;)

Oct 7, 2002
naughtygurl0982 writes:

hey hottie... of course you get a 10!! :) mail me... mmmmwah

Sep 6, 2002
Kickasscowgirl69 writes:

your #1 on my hotlist

Jul 24, 2002
CrazyBeutiful writes:

Vereyyyy Hot ;-*

Jul 1, 2002
volleyballchic writes:

verrrrryyyyy nice... im around so hit me back if ya wanna talk, ~*~muah~*~

May 24, 2002
danceprincess writes:

Hey, I see my decision to transfer to U of Calgary in 2003 was a good one. I just hope all the Calgary boys are as fine as you...msg me!

May 15, 2002
sxy_cheerleader_23 writes:

u look good i give u a 10 baby HOLLA BACK ~*SXY*~

May 15, 2002
just-me-holly writes:

hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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