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Total Number of Votes: 5614

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HEIGHT:  5'7" (170 cm)
AGE:  21 years old
LOCATION:   Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Jul 5, 2002
molove75 writes:

girl.......you just made me slap my momma........

Jun 12, 2002
Samba-Guy writes:

Wonderful! =)

Jun 11, 2002
squaddy writes:

J'aime vos belles seins!

Jun 8, 2002
t_dawg122 writes:


Jun 8, 2002
In_Vain writes:

Hey, your shirt's... Oh, now I get it.

Jun 6, 2002
westsiderJ writes:

extremely hot!!!!

Jun 6, 2002
Doobie writes:

being able 2 see about half ur tits is worth 10 alone

Apr 30, 2002
Phouf writes:

Hi there...if you want to exchange a few words to simply socialize...let me know ; )

Apr 9, 2002
Jamiroquay writes:

Can I just eat you..............ciao Jamy

Apr 8, 2002
DexLaroque writes:

I want to make love to you for ever

Apr 8, 2002
Andreaus writes:

Ich Will Dich [I want you, in german]

Apr 7, 2002
jewlzboy writes:

~*~*your an angel, if i had you, i would never be hungry;)!!*~*~

Apr 6, 2002
thundecat911 writes:

<marquee behavior="alternate">Veeeeery Cute!!!!!!! yummy... =) </marquee>

Apr 6, 2002
KnowYourEnemy writes:

spread your legs "wide open" I'll take it from there. ;) 10/10

Apr 6, 2002
cleveland_steamer writes:

nice tits!!!!!!!!!

Apr 5, 2002
Ankur_69 writes:

You are a lovely lady, no doubt. But your attractiveness is overshadowed by your impressive cleavage. Sorry.... I like a little mystery in my gals.

Apr 2, 2002
Andreaus writes:

Damn!! You're a model right??

Apr 2, 2002
iowarocker writes:

HI your very beautiful and well that picture is very sexy! you got a ten!

Apr 2, 2002
sammyber writes:

oooh la la...how beautiful. :)

Apr 2, 2002
GQcrew84 writes:

U"r A KuTE U GeT mY 10zzZ HiT Me BaCk

Apr 2, 2002
Dial_Tone writes:

totaly knockout!!

Apr 2, 2002
Kristopher7 writes:

wow u are beautiful! ~10~

Apr 1, 2002
Totalcarnage writes:

Sweet Montreal girls!


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